2008 Digital Signage / DOOH Year in Review – 2009 Outlook

Chris Sheldrake

We made brief mention of this 9-page year in review report last week in our post ‘Industry Revenues Grow 24.5% So Says Lyle Bunn‘.

I think it is fair to say that it is US centric but it is incredibly good even having said that, it’s free to download and WELL worth a read…

While 2008 is not yet complete, many elements of the maturing of North America’s Digital Signage & Digital Out-of-Home industry are evident, and the outlook for 2009 is positive.

The short (9-page) “2008 YEAR IN REVIEW” available at www.LyleBunn.com reflects on areas of industry profile, supply chain, measurement, information availability, technology advancement, deployments, industry investment and 2009 Outlook.

I hope that 2008 has been a very successful year for you and that this review will serve as a useful backdrop to your planning for 2009. I’ll look forward to receiving any comments that you might offer!

Lyle Bunn
Principal & Strategy Architect

Go to www.LyleBunn.com – Resources for free, no registration .pdf download of 2008 Year in Review.

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