Let’s Hope It Don’t Bite You In The Bum Darin

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

screwed shareholder was kind enouigh to bring to our attention “a reply from ronin, posted on the yahoo RNIN message boards” which he / she was also kind enough to post as a comment here on DailyDOOH.

In that reply, Darin McAreavey, Ronin’s Vice President & CFO replied, said “The only relationship we currently have with Keyser Co. is that we released in a formal press release back on November 2, 2011”.

Either Darin is denying the existence of the investment document that we discussed in our post ‘Who Wants To Merge Wireless Ronin And Keyser Industries?‘ or perhaps he’s truly not aware of it or hasn’t seen it?

Denying the existence of a document that (a) exists and (b) has been seen by scores of people is (as the EK3 owners will remember to their costs many years ago) a tad silly.

It would surely speak volumes for the sorry state that Ronin is in, if in fact their CFO truly doesn’t know about said investment memorandum.

Perhaps if Darin emails us directly and asks nicely we ought to send him a copy? What do you think?

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