Lou Giacalone, Jr. Joins TargetPath

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Last Thursday Louis Giacalone (it took some of our older readers a while to figure out that we were talking about big Lou here) featured prominently in our post ‘Who Would You Pay To Listen To?‘ – well a week later, totally unrelated of course, comes news that Lou Giacalone, Jr. is set to join TargetPath.

Digital Signage Industry Pioneer Lou Giacalone, Jr.

TargetPath’s website describes the company as being made up of ‘display industry business development experts‘ but the press release was a little more grandiose describing the company as “a global technology consulting and outsourced-leadership firm specializing in the digital display technology and digital media industries”.

It also claims offices in Portland, San Diego, New York and Amsterdam and we are told that Lou Giacalone will be responsible for developing new business and guiding existing clients on digital media strategy and technology.

Brad Gleeson, a TargetPath founding partner said “Lou brings tremendous experience and insight to the Company, and will have a pivotal role as we continue to expand our expertise in the growing DOOH market”.

Lou said “Having been involved with every aspect of digital signage and digital out-of-home media – from hardware to software, content, field services, operations, even ad sales – I look forward to helping clients avoid the landmines and navigate quickly to success in this opportunity-rich market.”

In summary then: TargetPath have no doubt made a good hire. Lou joins them as Vice President, Digital Media Client Services but reading through the press release anyone would have thought that TargetPath were the size of McKinsey & Company, Inc.

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