BroadSign 9.0.0 Now Generally Available

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

BroadSign 9.0.0, the software latest major platform update from Montreal-based Broadsign International Inc., is now available for download in the BroadSign Client Portal.

Daniel Parisien, BroadSign vice-president marketing and strategy, gave us information on some of the features including Native Interactivity; Hardware Acceleration; Automatic Retargeting and more.

It is now easy to create an interactive kiosk with a screensaver-like attract loop. You simply enable the interactive trigger on the desired frame where the interactive content is supposed to play and schedule the interactive content (Flash, Silverlight or HTML) to respond to the same trigger. When someone clicks or touches the display, it will trigger the interactive content. You also can specify a timeout period after which, if no cursor motion is detected, the interactive content will be interrupted and the frame will resume playing theregular loop.

BroadSign AV can now decode video directly on the GPU instead of decoding it in software on the CPU. This means that CPU usage can remain extremely low and lowcost. PCs can be used by BroadSign Players to drive full HD video. Currently, only the nVidia Ion chipset has been supported.

BroadSign Administrator now tracks the targeting criteria on each campaign. If you change the criteria set on the display unit or frame, you will be given the opportunity to have BroadSign Administrator automatically insert or remove the target from the affected campaigns.

In the reservation wizard during the display unit targeting step, you can now import a list of display unit IDs to perform custom targeting. This is a very useful feature for network operators that maintain a separate database and can offer customized targeting outside of the standard criteria-based targeting.

You can now also update an ad copy across multiple campaigns by selecting the ad copy to replace and it’s replacement ad copy. This will trigger a simultaneous replacement in all the campaigns in which it is used.

BroadSign is offering a free, no strings-attached, 60- day evaluation of BroadSign 9. Those interested are asked to sign up by going to and clicking the free trial button.

Parisien says that, in 2011, BroadSign provided four major releases to the market which included over 60 features.

“Most of these features were developed based on the needs of the largest networks in the world,” he says. “What is great is that all BroadSign networks are able to benefit from those cutting edge enhancements at the same time. Examples include synchronization for escalator signage, adaptable loops based on local conditions, automated audience measurement with Intel AIM Suite, full native interactivity, extremely low-cost PC support and a lot more.”

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