NDS USD 1.33 Million Loan Facility

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

An interesting press release winged its way into our (collective) inbox Wednesday evening announcing that Net Display Systems B.V. (NDS) closed a loan of approximately 1 million euro (approx USD 1.33 million) for financing its growth plans in 2012 and beyond.

The loan we are told is provided by ABN Amro Bank. Jasper Verriet of ABN Amro Bank commented “NDS showed a very strong and clean balance sheet and proved it was and still is beating the market.”

Louis van Geldrop, founder and CEO of NDS said “We are very pleased with this agreement as it will enable us to accelerate our current market expansion plan.”

NDS plans to hire additional executives, tighten strategic partnerships with some of its current channel partners and open branch offices in the United States and Middle East.

Peter de Jong, business partner manager for North America was quoted as saying “We explored the US market in 2011. Our next priority is to find sales executives for the United States branch office”.

NDS will broadcast a webinar on December 21st in which it will provide further details on its plan for growth.

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  1. Franz Says:

    And still no new product release in over 5 years. The present PADS 3.1 is stable but as old as Louis, the CEO.

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