@IBCshow Twitter Analysis

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

On Saturday, much later than we originally planned, we finally finished our #IBC, #IBCshow, #IBC11, #IBC2011 twitter analysis – yes indeed the use of far too many hashtags by the organisers, exhibitors and punters says it all!

If anyone wants a copy then please drop us a line.

By the way the correct (official) hashtag for IBC in 2012 is #IBC12 however judging by the branding on their logo above they are already seeking to confuse people!

In the year of the London Olympics everything is ‘twenty twelve’ and the organisers would, we believe, be either well advised to adopt #IBC2012 as their official hashtag (much as #ISE2012 has done – change from previous years when it was #ISEurope or change their logo / branding to reflect IBC12.

You know (he says sarcastically) this hashtag stuff isn’t very difficult but matching your brand and / or the name of your exhibition to your hashtag is one of the easiest ways to success – #ScreenmediaExpo / ScreenmediaExpo being the best example by far, closely followed by #CETW / CETW.

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