Instant Legal Advice At WHSmith w/ @Signagelive

Maddie Cotterill

QualitySolicitors, a new group brand for companies offering law services, is providing 24/7 legal advice at over 145 WHSmith stores across the UK on its Legal Access Points. Legal Access Points are networked digital signage solutions powered by Signagelive software that offer instant access to legal guidance. It is a revolutionary new way to access legal services.

While the digital screen shows the services that QualitySolicitors offers, there are also printed leaflets for customers to take away with them and a telephone access point to talk directly with a solicitor if they need immediate advice.

Legal Access Points are also assisted by friendly advisers, who can explain how QualitySolicitors works, help customers register their details and instantly get a Legal Privilege Card.

The Legal Privilege Card also gives access to discounts on future legal services as well as thousands of offers from other top brands including Apple, Boots, Asda and Marks & Spencer. Many of these advisers are actually law students, who gain invaluable experience with this customer-facing exercise.

Jason Cremins, Signagelive CEO explains that what the firm wanted was to have an efficient network of Legal Access Points around the country. “A requirement was that the screens needed to be able to play back full screen video files and with the capacity of being updated remotely from a central location,” says Bugler.

“At first we were using a USB-based system to update the content. People at each branch needed to upload and update the content,” explains David Neal, from the IT Development and Support department at QualitySolicitors, “but this proved time consuming and challenging, especially for people with no technical knowledge. If anything needed to be fixed it was a matter of long phone conversation and step-by-step instructions. This is a UK wide project and micro management was unsustainable.”

This was when QualitySolicitors turn to Signagelive for advice. “We looked at a few web-based digital signage solutions,” Neal says, “But Signagelive was the best choice. It offered us a comprehensive free trial-period, it provided an excellent service and all of this at a very competitive price.”

The Legal Access Points are equipped with IAdea XMP-120 SMIL devices and all content updates and delivery is done through Signagelive. The IAdea XMP-120 media appliance is a SMIL programmable digital signage device with high quality HD still image rendering and SD video capabilities.

Cremins comments, “Flexibility is key for QualitySolicitors and they have all the scope they might need using signagelive.  Aside from showing a movie on the screen, QualitySolicitors can also display images and Media RSS.  They are also now in complete control of when they want new content to be deployed and displayed on screen, and not reliant on the postal service to deliver the USB keys and store staff to update the content.”

QualitySolicitors is a group of law firms all across the UK chosen to become part of the QualitySolicitors brand. Only the best firms are selected – based on what the public, say about them. QualitySolicitors lawyers are experts in their fields and this expertise might vary from location to location. One goal of the organisation is to provide a personalised, local service for its branches around the UK.

“What are we looking to do is to have customised animations for each firm, so that the branches can publish messages relevant to them and their public, according to their needs. Signagelive makes this possible and more. It is amazing to be able to manage the system from a web browser, wherever you are. We can create tailored play lists, and also check whether any specific content had been played,” says QualitySolicitors’ David Neal.

QualitySolicitors initially made the headlines when it launched its Legal Access Point service in WHSmith, at Westfield Shopping Centre, White City back in July 2011, with actress and TV presenter Amanda Holden, who was then staring in QualitySolicitors’ TV ads.

Since its launch in August 2011, thousands of people have subscribed to the service.

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