Carole Alalouf Zoom Media’s New V-P

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Carole Alalouf has been appointed vice-president of strategic marketing & research at Montreal-based Zoom Media, a move made with the aim of strengthening the company’s ability to connect advertisers with highly targeted audiences across Canada.

“With Carole at the helm, our clients will be able to invest in our media solutions with even greater confidence than they do now,” says Cathy Fernandes, Zoom’s president & COO.

“Thanks to her analytical skills, we’ll be able to give advertisers a clearer understanding of how they can achieve a lift in ROI by enhancing their TV and digital efforts with our place-based products. Carole will also help drive the value of our audience impressions, ensuring that we deliver the ultimate value proposition to clients.”

Alalouf also brings strategic vision to her new role, along with exceptional consumer insight that will enable Zoom Media clients to reach elusive audiences with greater accuracy.

Since joining Zoom Media’s management team in 2002, Alalouf has applied her expertise to executive positions across several departments, including venue development, operations, client services, and strategic planning. She is now responsible for strategy, marketing, revenue management and research.

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