POPAIDigital’s Digital Media in Retail Forum

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Jason Cremins, the UK’s new POPAIDigital chairman is starting to make an impact with his plans to re-focus the working group based on one of its original core principles of ‘retail’.

Next week sees one of his new initiatives – a ‘Digital Media in Retail Forum’ which has been set up to provide a focus group targeted at exploring every aspect of what makes Digital Media in Retail work (or not work).

The aim is that the Forum should include stakeholders from every discipline involved in the deployment of Digital Media in Retail including, I am pleased to say several Retailers (loud cheer!!!).

The idea is that the Forum will set the agenda for POPAIdigital going forward and ensure that all aspects of Digital Media in Retail are covered including:

  • What is Digital Media?
  • How can it be used?
  • Good examples of Digital Media in Retail?
  • What are the business models?
  • How do you establish objectives and most importantly, how do I measure success?

As long as they don’t start calling the Retail networks, RetailTV I think they might be onto a winner!!

The Forum will be represented at all future POPAI events, reporting back on progress and findings, keeping members informed on the development of Digital Media in Retail and listening to suggestions for future research and topics that require addressing.

It’s also fantastic that both the DDR and In-store magazines will be running regular columns on the work of the Forum – which of course helps ensures the messages get directly to Retailers.

I am also told that the ultimate objective of the Forum is to create an invaluable online resource of information for anyone considering using Digital Media in Retail.

The inaugural meeting of the Forum will be at 3pm on December 5th at the St Giles Hotel, Bedford Avenue, London, WC1B 3AS.

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