Visual Solutions Centre Case Studies

Alex Hughes

Amigo Digital were recently commissioned to develop an interactive video sequence to illustrate the multitude of Christie case studies in their Visual Solutions Centre at their HQ in Wokingham.

Today, we borrowed Scala <> MicroTiles expert Andrew Neale to help us implement the content which is to be shown specifically on their curved wall of MicroTiles on-site.

Shown above is Calum Walker, Amigo Senior Designer (on the left with the crazy cardigan which was no doubt last year’s Christmas present from his mum) and Andrew Neale (we liked the fact that Andrew is now a fully fledged MacBook user!).

Christie’s MicroTiles are of course software agnostic but most of the MicroTiles at their head office in the UK are increasingly powered by Scala – no doubt due in some way to the tremendous impact that the London Stock Exchange installation has had, Ed and if it’s not a Mac Mini that we are personally using to power a MicroTile display then we usually find it’s Scala.

I was also lucky enough today to get a sneak peek at the so-called ‘Bluebook’ that Andrew Neale and Adrian Cotterill have finished which documents fully (and I mean at 20,000 words – really fully!) everything that went into the London Stock Exchange deployment – it’s sure when published to become a Spyder / MicroTiles / Scala bible of what to do (what not to do) and how to do it!

2 Responses to “Visual Solutions Centre Case Studies”

  1. Calum Walker Says:

    It was indeed a gift!! 🙂

  2. Mrs M Walker Says:

    Calum, I am so pleased that you are wearing the gift we gave you last Christmas.

    This is the first time I have seen you wear it. We have a nice hat and scarf for you this year my love. All the best Your Dearest Mum

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