iSample TEMPTATIONS JELL-O experience

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Kraft Foods recently launched a sampling program activated by age-via-facial detection in two locations in Chicago and New York. The iSample TEMPTATIONS by JELL-O experience dispenses free TEMPTATIONS (being marketed as the first dessert made just for adults) only to adults.

If the machine detects a child, it shuts down, asking the child to step away. Once the child is removed from the immediate vicinity, it will come back to life, ready to share a free TEMPTATIONS by JELL-O treat to any adult.

The technology for this comes from a partnership with Kraft Foods and Intel, while CP+B handled the creative campaign with software development from Clarity Consulting, Chicago.

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  1. Luis R. Villafane Says:

    I am quite surprised that nobody has made a comment on this video.

    This is incredible. Not for the actual “Jell-o” PC, which is quite good, but for all other applications we could use this for on our every day life, along with the interfaces or voice commands…
    1. TV control. set the channels in which the TV will shut off if a child is detected: “step away from the porn channel.”
    2. Door lock. make sure your bethroom door does not open if a child is in front of it at 6 am on a weekend. “Go back to sleep you little monster…”
    Or window/from door lock. Your teenage kid will never scape at night again. “BUSTED!!”
    3. car. your wife will not take your car and scrach it ever again. “I dont think so hon, take the bus.”

    There are just so many applications…!!!

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