Khaos(k) Europe Expo 2012, Berlin

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Folks in the know tell us that Kiosk Europe Expo 2012 will happen next year in June in Berlin (a change from its regular haunt of Essen) but dear old Jens (the organiser) might want to spend some time on his web site if he is not to really frighten away any regular exhibitors and potential attendees that he might actually have.

Whilst the web site has mainly Expo 2012 branding and logos, the bulk of the site still refers to Messe Essen.

We also note that (unfortunately) the organisers are keeping the co-location of the so-called DIGITAL SIGNAGE EXPO 2012 alongside this event.

One thing that made us laugh on that (secondary) web site was the statement “DIGITAL SIGNAGE EXPO 2011 has reasserted itself as the leading European event for players in the digital signage industry to meet key decision makers from across the continent and beyond” – yeah right, go explain that to Messrs Blackman and Pigou!

We also see that DSX 2012 is now billed as Europe’s Favourite Digital Signage Event – well, we figure if you get the piss taken out of you for, as in previous years, calling it “Europe’s Largest” you need a new tag line BUT Jens dear ‘Favourite’ doesn’t work either!

If the organisers are looking for a new tag line we’d like to suggest – ‘A Kiosk Magazine’s Attempt At A Small Digital Signage Show Attached To A Kiosk Event (Also Small) Held in Germany‘ – trust us, that is a much more accurate description of what will go on in Berlin next June.

As in 2011, there were some rumours that the event would not go ahead at all

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