Shape Is The New King

Chris Sheldrake

This is the first time we have seen Scala use screens in non traditional positions and different shapes and sizes.

This was their stand at Infocomm Asia last week in Hong Kong

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  1. PhilGo20 Says:

    C-Nario is very good at that (odd shape and orientation screens layout) and it’s good to see Scala hot on their heels.

    I have to agree that distinctive screen shapes and innovative screen layouts is a very good way to attract eyeballs. Portrait mode being the least you can do and yet a good way to be seen as something else than TV.

  2. andy hawkins Says:

    I hate to be churlish about what is a good, innovative display but……. they may be different sizes, but all the same ‘shape’ i.e. rectangles.
    the only way I know to get interesting shapes is to use projection film or screens, laser cut…we are always encouraging our clients to look at these……it’s so unusual to even see a circular moving image that they stand out from the crowd……more innovation in displays is always to be encouarged, though.

  3. St├ęphane Bastien Says:

    I would like to point out that Scala had used for some years now none traditional screen display, that we produced for them. For 2008 we produced a 6 screen show, running on one PC using Scala software, and for 2006 we produce a 4 screen with 3 vertical screen and one horizontal show running on Scala software.


    Stephane Bastien
    Technical Director
    Telecine Multimedia
    514-879-1177 #225

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