IAdea Web Appliances Support HTML5

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

IAdea this week announced, what they claim are, the industry’s first Web Appliances supporting SMIL AND the HTML5 open standards.

By supporting HTML5 as a content type in SMIL, CEO IAdea, John C. Wang tells us that he “expects the new technology to fundamentally change how content is made in digital signage”.

He added “HTML5 provides a unified platform that connects all cloud-enabled devices: the computer, the mobile phone, the smart TV, and digital signage. This means content creation costs are significantly lower due to the possibility to re-use media assets across multiple delivery platforms”.

Five new IAdea products are being introduced: –

  • New Web Appliances named XMP-3250, XMP-3350, and XMP-3450 that support wired networking, wireless LAN, and live A/V-in capability, respectively
  • Two new Web Signboards are also available: the XDS-1950 and XDS-2450 are all-in-one unit integrating an 18.5”- and a 24”-inch LCD display

In addition to displaying 1080p full-HD video, pictures, and sound, the devices now all support dynamic rendering of data feeds using the latest HTML5, CSS, JavaScript technologies.

The products also support IPTV multicast streaming using the Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) with up to 1080p media streams in H.264 format.

IAdea will be announcing several key software partners for the new Web Appliances in the coming weeks.

We expect to see at least one other vendor announce support for HTML5 at #ISE2012 in a few weeks time mind.

2 Responses to “IAdea Web Appliances Support HTML5”

  1. John C. Wang Says:

    If you are a software vendor, IAdea is offering, for a limited time, a free XMP-3350 (http://www.iadea.com/product/XMP-3350) to qualifying applicants. For more information on the complete list of benefits to join, please visit http://www.iadea.com/html5.

  2. Jason Cremins Says:

    Great that the new IAdea HTML5 supported devices are now in the public domain.

    This will open up the digital signage sector to a new generation of content developers who can utilize the skills they have amassed creating optimized HTML5 experiences for the iPad and Google Chrome.

    Whilst IAdea are the first, 2012 will see many more digital signage hardware devices announcing support for HTML5.

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