Otrum Embraces IBM SmartCloud Enterprise

Geny Caloisi

Norwegian digital signage company Otrum is one of the first IBM customers in Norway to fully commit to cloud-based services. The company has migrated all digital signage clients to the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise (SCE), a move that eliminates the need for hundreds of physical servers at customer sites.

Otrum provides interactive TV solutions and content to the hospitality industry. As its interactive solutions handle more and more hotel guest information, intelligent systems are required to handle the analysis which provides hoteliers with the relevant profiling information on their guest.

Laser targeting guests is a core aspect of Otrum’s marketing solution, based on factors such as language, nationality, loyalty programme status etc. For this purpose Otrum uses the Cognos tool from IBM to handle marketing campaigns and highlight repeat behaviour patterns associated with guest interaction and purchasing.

Samu Raunela, CTO at Otrum, comments “In our industry Otrum is leading the way in cloud-based services, we are not only talking about cloud-based services but have them in full operation today. Being ‘in the cloud’ has become a demand from our customers, and this has given us confirmation that we made the right choice over three years ago, both in going ahead with adoption and choosing IBM as a partner.”

Paul Are Killie, Director Cloud IBM Norway, adds “Otrum has tapped into the future, they have taken a great leap ahead and have done this hand-in-hand with IBM. In Otrum’s case, both they and their end customer will benefit from operational and financial efficiencies.”

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