Lucozade Hydro Active and Nike Plus trainers

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Wednesday, May 9, 2007 11:22

We often get asked what brands are using Digital OOH. Unless our members tell us and we share it with everyone it is very hard to get a pulse on what is out there.

For anyone in London who uses the Underground, you may well have seen some truly exceptional advertisements for Red Bull (imagine a plane flying down the digital escalator panels) as well as several children knocking at the panes of glass in the Screens !!!! – where’s the PR for these very innovative uses of the medium?

Anyway fresh from today’s short visit to the Gym I see that Boomerang Digital have got Nike and Lucozade to make full use of the HealthClub Channel (see page 36 of April DOOHAN)

A 30 second tv spot is airing twice an hour and 4 times at high footfall advertising the Nike Plus trainers (these are the ones that connect to your iPod).

Lucozade Hydro Active is being advertised via two 30-second infomercials featuring a personal endorsement of the product by a personal trainer

MediaCom planned the campaign we believe.

BTW Brightspace Media were one of the first agencies to use YouTube to demonstrate things happening in their network – maybe other agencies will follow suit and even if you can’t get to a venue yourself you can get to see / share the great stuff that is happening in our medium.

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