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Wayfinding at UK’s Norwich International Airport


The embedded type devices that I am so fond of will of course (actually) find themselves inside screens (and other digital street furniture) over time – as described in several MultiQ [1] posts in the past.

Sonance [2] also have intelligence in their screen displays and I understand that following on from the Budgen usage (Big Media Group network) their AD Series Angel Light [3] displays have been selected for wayfinding and for advertising at the UK’s Norwich International Airport.

There are going to be about 40 screens all together – the displays will be used to broadcast live check-in, arrivals, departures and gate information plus advertising and information.

The Angle Light displays are solid state, fanless appliances running a custom Linux build – each display is totally self-contained needing just power and IP connectivity (with no host PC or server requirement)

I also understand that the whole network may well be underwritten with (some) advertising revenue and may well deliver a return over a three year term.