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Immedia Lose Lloyds Pharmacy

A few months ago, board member and COO Steve Loftus resigns and now news just in that Immedia [1] have lost what can only be described as a massive client – that’s right Lloyds Pharmacy have terminated their contract with the in-store radio-broadcaster.

News came in over Stock Market Wire [2] early this morning that the ‘Immedia Group contract for the provision of live radio services with with Lloyds Pharmacy has been terminated [3]‘.

In the statement, Chief executive Bruno Brookes was quoted as saying “Naturally we are disappointed to stop broadcasting Lloydspharmacy Live after nine years. Nevertheless we are growing our new client opportunities and continue to develop our services. We are confident that we will announce new business shortly.”

Whilst we also hear (can ratify in fact) that there is some good news for them on the horizon with a couple of good, new client wins this frenetic start to the new year can only be a big blow to them and Bruno Brookes’ ego!