Broadband Learning Blames i-vu For Profits Slump

Chris Sheldrake

In September we wrote and told you ‘i-vu Ditches Broadband Learning Corporation‘ and how that relationship quickly ended up in the courts.

In Broadband Learning Corporation’s Q3 results announced last Friday 28th November they squarely and firmly put the blame on i-vu for poor third quarter revenues and also said that “the first nine months of 2008 are down significantly from 2007, reflecting the fact that through the end of May, 2008 the Company’s full efforts were focused on executing the first phase of a roll-out of installation of the i-vu Systems”

Broadband Learning earlier in the year accused i-vu of “failure to generate any revenues to date on this venture and i-vu’s failure to make a number of payments due to Broadband Learning”

i-vu of course counter sued and although there have been a number of court hearings to date all is now in the hands of an ‘arbitrator’. The quicker this is sorted out the better for both parties one would assume.

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