Wovenmedia / BrightSign Healthcare Combo

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Interesting announcement that Wovenmedia is using BrightSign network-enabled HD210 digital signage players to deliver its place-based media service in retail and healthcare locations across the US.

Wovenmedia’s cloud service allows businesses to create and deliver their own video channels to private network screens, websites and mobile devices and by combining the Wovenmedia Video Service with BrightSign players, any company can cost-effectively use TV screens in their locations to inform and entertain consumers while they wait for service, promote products at the point-of-purchase, and enhance internal corporate communications.

Using the Wovenmedia service, businesses can blend their own promotional content with live broadcasts, social media streams and licensed content from Wovenmedia’s growing list of top-tier content partners including NBC Universal, Access Hollywood, PBS, Fox Sports, PGA Tour, Big 10 Networks, CNET and Vme.

Jeff Hastings, BrightSign’s CEO told us “Clearly, Wovenmedia has filled the gap in providing businesses of all sizes with new levels of flexibility and control over their video messaging. The applications for these capabilities range from retail to education and healthcare and more. We’re very pleased to be a part of such a versatile solution.”

Susie Opare-Abetia, Co-Founder and CEO of Wovenmedia told us “We chose BrightSign controllers because they help us keep the Wovenmedia service affordable while allowing us to deliver the highest levels of video quality and network reliability. Support for live video, social media streaming and other great features makes this joint solution a great fit across multiple markets and applications.”

BrightSign digital signage controllers include the hardware, software and networking capabilities to deliver complete, turnkey HD signage solutions that eliminate compatibility issues and make digital signage easy to deploy.

Included with the BrightSign players, BrightAuthor is a PC application that simplifies building and publishing the initial presentations and also provides links into Wovenmedia’s solution/service via the player’s open platform.

The Wovenmedia/BrightSign solution is being used by a number of retail and healthcare clients in the US, including electronics retailer Flexi Compras and Mi Doctor family healthcare clinics.

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