Call For 3D Technology Seminar Presenters

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Insight Media and InfoComm International are again teaming up to produce 3D Comm Seminars, to be held during the regular exhibition hours at InfoComm 2012, the professional A/V trade show, running June 13-15, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The 3D Comm Seminars, to be held June 13 and 14, will be run outside the exhibition floor in a classroom setting.

These 16 various 90-minute sessions, taught by Insight Media analysts as well as other leaders in the 3D industry, will focus on providing unbiased information on many aspects of the 3D ecosystem, helping attendees gain critical knowledge about technology, markets, applications and uses of 3D.

Seminars will be offered in a range of levels and some will feature demonstrations of 3D technology.

Experts in their 3D specialty are encouraged to submit an abstract to conference organizers related to this opportunity.

Seminar topics can be at various levels, but must be geared toward the needs of the ProAV community (dealers, designers, VARS, manufacturers and end users of audio-video equipment and services in education, rental and staging, broadcast, post-production, simulation, visualization, corporate, medical, home theater and more).

Seminars need to be educational, not promotional in nature. A 3D projection system will be available in one of the classrooms since hands-on, practical knowledge is clearly valued by the audience.

3DComm provides unbiased education on the uses, integration and trends for 3D displays in ProAV, Digital Signage and home use.

The following courses are already planned:

  • Introduction to Stereovision and 3D Human Factors;
  • System Integration for Stereoscopic Solutions;
  • Introduction to 3D Displays;
  • Understanding Autostereoscopic Content Sourcing and Creation;
  • 3D Applications – Where, What and Why;
  • 3D in Visualization/Simulation;
  • Multi-window, Blended Displays Using Mixed 2D & 3D Content;
  • Content Creation for Stereoscopic Displays;
  • Autostereoscopic 3D Displays for Digital Signage.

Suggested preliminary topics for additional 3D Technology Seminars are detailed below, but 3D experts are encouraged to submit other topic areas that would be relevant and interesting to InfoComm attendees.

  • 3D on Blended Projection Systems;
  • Light Field and Holographic 3D Displays;
  • 3D Metrology;
  • Basics of 3D interface, signaling and distribution management;
  • Basics of 3D encoding and compression;
  • 3D Distribution: From Lens to End User;
  • 3D Cameras and Acquisition Technology and Trends;
  • 3D Video Editing;
  • 3D Content is Coming – High Quality Offline Conversion Methods and Prospects;
  • Real-time 2D-to-3D Conversion Techniques and Status;
  • Successful 3D Display Set Up;
  • 3D for Exhibitions;
  • 3D Signage Markets;
  • 3D in Cinema;
  • 3D in Home Theater;
  • 3D in Broadcast and Distribution.

If interested, submit an abstract including a 100-word description of your suggested topic with a brief outline of the points to be covered to Dian Mecca, Insight Media (203) 831-8464, no later than January 13/12. Include complete contact information for the suggested presenter and if use of the 3D projection system is needed. Each presenter will be required to submit a 2D or 3D PowerPoint demonstration during his/her seminar.

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