MediaTile The Next Minkus?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

If you thought Minkus were bad then just wait for MediaTile. Yep, that’s right MediaTile.

Many suspect that MediaTile is not long for this world (not us, we have no comment, we’re just reporting what we have heard) but word reaches us that MediaTile’s grand plan might well just be to try and enforce some of the patents that they have; for example ‘Method and Apparatus for Distributing Audiovisual Content Without On-Site Network Infrastructure‘ filed by a certain Kelsen, Keith back in 2005 / 2006.

Mediatile have form here, as back in 2008 a number of digital signage vendors received letters from their legal team.

I’m sure the industry cannot wait for that.

One Response to “MediaTile The Next Minkus?”

  1. KKsPublishingEmpire Says:

    Hold on to your seats, here is the bonus 2012 prediction!

    Failing software company tries to leverage unenforceable patent in order to get a few pennies to their shareholders. They run into this nasty thing called prior art. They lose. They write a book about it.

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