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lastminute.com Checks In With VeriFone Media

lastminute.com [1] is merging traditional outdoor media and Digital Out Of Home with VeriFone Media and VeriFone Digital Network (VNET) to create an integrated campaign across London.

[2]lastminute.com will utilise both the digital screen inside and high impact superside liveries outside London’s licensed taxis to promote its Top Secret® Hotels offering and pop-up store – Top Secret® Collection – in Central London.

lastminute.com’s luxury pop-up hotel experience, the Top Secret® Collection, is giving passers-by the opportunity to experience the luxury and environment of its Top Secret® Hotels; such as expert massages, express manicures, daily treats, giveaways and even a special workout with a leading personal trainer to kick start those New Year resolutions.

“VeriFone Media combined with VNET offers lastminute.com an ideal opportunity to create a dynamic campaign that resonates with the ‘on-the-go’ urban customer.” says Mark Roberts, VP & GM, VeriFone Taxi & Media Solutions. “In addition, VNET helps reach affluent business professionals and consumers when they are at their most receptive and least distracted – inside the cab as they travel across the city.”

Visitors will also get first-hand experience of lastminute.com’s Top Secret® Theatre, Top Secret® Restaurant and Top Secret® Cars offerings.