Why Do We Still Get Booth Babes At #CES?

Alex Hughes

I’ve been told that many people have emailed into DailyDOOH Towers claiming that DailyDOOH editor-in-chief spent too much time last week at #CES in Las Vegas eyeing up the booth babes…

This photograph was published in Saturday’s Guardian newspaper

As you can see from the picture above (taken from said article) we now have documentary proof that this is so. He claims it is not him but what do you think?

7 Responses to “Why Do We Still Get Booth Babes At #CES?”

  1. Jorge Garcia de Bustos Says:

    Wearing a plaid shirt instead of a turtle-neck? Can’t possibly be the man.

  2. Tom Milner Says:

    If it is the man himself….then it doesn’t make him a bad person!

  3. Kate Sheehy Says:

    Shoes wrong…
    Shirt wrong…. and obviously, Mr Cotterill would have been standing at a
    much more respectable distance from the performance. I do think I spot Andrew in the background though.

  4. Geny Caloisi Says:

    That is definetly not the Editor in Chief.
    But what stand were these dancers at? Obviously it was them and not the brand that visitors to #CES will probably remember.

  5. Giuseppe Andrianò Says:

    Omg always Chief that take care of babies?

    Mr. Cottersconi, the Prime Minister of DailyDOOH 😉

    I’m with Geny.. Surely is not Adrian.

    Good stand (and standing) by the way….

  6. Mark Pigou Says:

    looks more like Chris Heap to me….Adrian never bares his chest…..far to modest…..either way, rather an annoying distraction from an otherwise well composed photo…

  7. Luis R. Villafane Says:

    nope, not him. Adrian was taking the pictures.

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