Cisco LCD Professional Series Displays

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Yours for about USD 2500 !!!! AND why wouldn’t you want to pay almost double the market price for an OEM product with the Cisco label stuck on…

Complete End-to-End Solution for Digital Signage and Enterprise TV

As an integral part of the Cisco Digital Media System (DMS), the large format, professional quality Cisco LCD Professional Series Displays provide complete end-to-end solutions for digital signage and Enterprise TV applications.

Cisco LCD Professional Series Displays offer:

  • 40″ and 52″ models
  • Full 1080p resolution
  • Centralized, remote management through the Cisco Digital Media Manager (on and off, volume, contrast and brightness)
  • Cisco support and service offerings

Models (2)

Cisco Professional Series 52″ LCD

Cisco Professional Series 40″ LCD


2 Responses to “Cisco LCD Professional Series Displays”

  1. Bill Osgood Says:

    Suddenly Cisco is private labeling NEC displays. Who are they kidding? NEC displays are fully remote managed with their internal software.
    The problem with their DMS solution is that it costs $30,000 US to light the first sign!
    This is a non event.

  2. Mike Abbott Says:

    Sshhh – nobody wake them! They’re doing just fine, just fine.

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