Bulzī’s Segmentation-Based Targeting

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Newport Beach, California-based Bulzī Media, a digital media company that claims to have built one of the world’s first targeted ad networks for the digital signage industry, has made a strategic alliance with Experian Marketing Services to embed Experian’s Mosaic USA consumer lifestyle segmentation system into the Bulzī technology platform.

Mosaic USA empowers marketers to implement a common customer language to describe the new American consumer and speak to their best customers in a unified and consistent voice across all marketing campaigns and channels.

The completely rebuilt Mosaic segmentation system captures evolving American household dynamics within a comprehensive structure of 71 segments and 19 groups. Advertisers and agencies can now leverage Mosaic to deliver audience-targeted ad campaigns directly to Bulzi’s digital signage network.

Bulzī’s targeted ad network combines the enormous reach of the out-of-home advertising market with micro-targeting and real-time ad delivery to specific audiences – an emerging trend known as ‘addressable advertising’. By bringing addressable advertising to a brick-and-mortar advertising channel, Bulzī allows advertisers to reach specific audiences with relevant messages throughout their day. Already one of the fastest growing media channels, digital signage can now deliver the additional advantages of targeting and addressability to advertisers.

Bulzi’s LOCALīz platform leverages more than 20 billion anonymized mobile phone location records every day of small groups exposed to each ad on each digital sign. Billions of micro-audience ‘small group profiles’ are generated based solely on non-personally identifiable information, and then scored against ad campaign requirements in real-time by Bulzī’s ad platform. When a ‘match’ is found, Bulzī delivers the right message to the right micro-audience, at the right place and time. Bulz management says that the audience scoring and ad delivery platform gives advertisers a 10x to 100x improvement in their ability to reach their targeted audiences on digital signage networks.

“Experian Marketing Service’s Mosaic segmentation system, combined with Bulzī’s addressable technology and the reach of our digital signage ad network, provides advertisers with an unparalleled ability to deliver messages efficiently to their targeted audiences at scale, and credibly measure the effective reach of their ad campaign,” says Brent McKay, Bulzī’s CEO and cofounder. “Mosaic has benefited from decades of consumer analytics insight, and gives advertisers and agencies a powerful tool for targeting the right consumer group; Bulzī’s ad network now provides for efficient activation of those campaigns.”

Bulzī’s ad network has been in field trials with top digital signage network operators during 2011 and is preparing for commercial launch in early 2012. The company plans to expand its affiliate network to include over 400,000 out-of-home screens nationwide by mid-2012, reaching over 100 million unique monthly visitors.

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