The best way to ruin a good walk

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Mark Twain (or was it Oscar Wilde?) once said that Golf was the best way to ruin a good walk but (and I am NOT a golfer) I think the folks over at GP-Ads may have found a way to ruin the game of Golf itself!!!

GP-Ads claim to be able to reach 15 Million Golfers with their plans to double the number of golf courses carrying its Prolink ad screens to 200 next year.

This year the company has completed installation at more than 100 UK golf courses, including those owned by the De Vere Group, Crown Group, Stoke Park and Brocket Hall.

I am happy to be corrected if screens on the golf course are what golfers are crying out for but surely this is taking a captive audience network one swing too far?

3 Responses to “The best way to ruin a good walk”

  1. Pete Says:

    Referring to golf as a “good walk spoiled” is attributed to Mark Twain but where /when did Oscar Wilde weigh in on the subject? Just curious! I am NOT a golfer, too.

  2. Jayne Says:

    oh man, that upsets me. I’m all for the web outside (hence, um, the name of my blog).. but that’s definitely taking it too far. what’s next? a digital screen on Walden Pond?

    Wait… are these on the course itself or just in the clubhouse? I’m okay with the clubhouse, but the course itself won’t fly. I’ll have to read up further.

  3. Ian Church Says:

    These are screens that are mounted inside golf buggies. The main value of the screens is to deliver GPS data (distances to hazards, greens, trees etc.) and the advertisments are placed on the maps.

    We are definitely not talking about screens out on the golf course!

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