Digital Signage Speakers

Chris Sheldrake

Mark Hayashi from Brown Innovations emailed in to point us at their web site, which says…

“At Brown Innovations, we believe audio shapes the experience. We focus on directional speaker solutions. Our directional speakers ensure audio is heard clearly without disturbing others in any environment”

We’d certainly ECHO that sentiment groan, Ed and have written many, many times about the importance of audio in any digital signage installation.

Mark pointed out to us that their digital signage speakers can be seen (or should that be HEARD) in rollouts by Adspace Networks, Signstorey/CBS, Arena Media, Whole Foods, Ford, Cinema Scene, Fotozines, JC Penny and many others.

They promised to let us know of some other large rollouts coming soon but we haven’t heard anything to date.

These folks need to get to shows and events of course so that you can hear what they are all about – they seem to be ‘directional’ so similar we guess to Panphonics who we write about regularly.

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