#ISE2012 eyevis omniSHAPES Stand #1N6

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We last saw eyevis GmbH’s omniSHAPES at #infocomm11 back in June 2011 in Orlando so we were interested to see how they shaped up at #ISE2012 six months later…

We were promised lots of enhancements and the product certainly didn’t disappoint. If we had one complaint, it would be a small one, and that was that the content was good but not superb.

Whilst the ’tiles’ (am I allowed to describe them thus?) made the most of the ‘shape’ paradigm available none of the ‘structures’ shown were made particularly relevant to the attendees.

When we looked, all the screens were displaying static images – there was no moving image and no animation anywhere to be seen!

The product mind you definitely looked proper production ready. These German engineering wunderkinds have done a damned good job but they need a lot of help we feel with the fluffy, creative, content marketing side of things.

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  1. Max Winck Says:

    Hi Adrian,

    Thanks for your nice comment on our omnishapes. Especially for the “wunderkinds”. Sorry for the static content, we seem to be better engineers than designers. Great show anyway.

    If you stayed a little longer you might have seen that the wall content could be switched to a more vital Content through a Radar Touch. The moving Content actualy showed a life rendering scenario based on Ventuz Software which could be controlled with the Radar Touch. The scenes came from three genlocked machines with Four Full Hd Outputs each. That’s 9600×3240 pixels
    rendered in real time. Quite ambitious application i think. You can watch a Video here

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