BroadSign To Lay Off More Staff?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Sources close to BroadSign have told us to expect another round of job cuts, possibly with a restructure being announced as early as this week?

And in almost comic timing, Forbes today, has an interesting article entitled ‘A Plague on All Their Houses‘ which talks about the $3 billion ride that some hedge funds were taken for by Thomas Petters and co.

In one article heading it says “Could they possibly be as witless as they claim to be?” and whilst they are talking here about the Hedge funds themselves (who were obviously stupid and gullible – cos’ if they weren’t then they would most probably have had to have been corrupt) the same surely also applies to those who took the Petters money in the first place?

The article goes on to say “Petters had a past littered with lawsuits accusing him of welshing on debts” and the motto of this story surely is that in both good times and bad be VERY careful who you accept money from!!

This week or next will also see the first of several networks announce that they are switching from BroadSign to another competitive SaaS solution. Watch this space!

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  1. Darren Briggs Says:

    I hear their best Sales Director for EMEA has gone …

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