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An In-Taxi Game For Decision Makers

Play Taxi Media [1], Vancouver, and Canadian telecommunications company TELUS [2] have just launched the ‘Built for Business’ ad campaign that turns ordinary taxi rides into an interactive game for passengers. 

[3]Play Taxi’s national network of interactive touch screens on the back of taxi headrests in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver have been configured to offer Small- to Medium-Business key decision makers valuable product information along with incentivized, interactive games centered on integrated bundles, smartphones, tablets and mobile Internet with flexibilities that allow businesses to create a plan specific to their unique needs.   
Passengers view a TELUS ad that showcases the benefits of SMB products and features and are then invited to interact with the TELUS branded, two-level, on-screen game app.  Level one of the app drives awareness of TELUS SMB features by having players match specific features up in a ‘Memory’ style game.  Level two then uses a ‘Sequence’ style platform to showcase the flexibility TELUS SMB consumers have when working remotely. 

Once a player has navigated successfully through the game, they are then invited to submit their information to be entered for a chance to win one of 25 laptops and receive in-depth product information, expert advice, and special offers from TELUS
The national campaign is slated to run for 15 weeks, ending in Apr./12, to drive awareness of TELUS SMB products and services.