ezeVue Digital Poster

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We noticed this ezePoster unit from ezeVue Limited – it is in reality a large digital photo frame. The use of digital photo frames as cheap digital signage has been covered before but we thought this was worth a quick look.

It has a lockable wall bracket, lockable card cover and protective front panel.

It’s 590mm x 420mm x 22mm incorporating a 19” Hi Resolution LCD Display with a max screen resolution of 1280 x 1024.

This is an entry level product and customers simply create their posters in a typical design package, save the images as JPG’s, insert the flash card reader into their USB slot and drag and drop the saved images onto the card.

The unit, when switched on, plays the JPGs in the order on the card – that’s it, no software necessary and no networking allowed!

It won’t be for everyone but we expect it will find a niche for a year or so before connectivity and the computing power approach zero cost.

To that end actually, we understand that ezeVue Limited are already working on a version 2 which will have built-in signage software / network connectivity upgrade (probably running embedded Windoze).

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