TMMSB Opens In New York

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

TMMSB, an innovative outdoor advertising company, recently opened its doors in New York City, delivering unique brand experiences focused on projection technologies and interactivity.

TMMSB is a new venture and partnership between Canadian company The Media Merchants, with offices in Vancouver and Toronto, and New York-based Streetblimps.

Working with clients throughout the US, TMMSB works with leading brands, agencies and advertisers to create campaigns across a variety of platforms including night projections, projection mapping with interactivity, mobile and social media integrations.

To promote the NBC Sports Network coverage of the NHL All-Star Weekend, TMMSB recently teamed up with DMG for a larger than life multi-market night projection campaign. For six hours each night, passersby saw their favorite hockey players racing down the ice, taking shots, and making saves via 150’ tall night projection animations. The campaign, which ran for a week in Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Dallas and Washington, showcased the power of TMMSB’s projection advertising over traditional billboards.

In addition to its work for NBC Sports, since its launch TMMSB has also completed campaigns for Jack Daniels and rapper Lupe Fiasco.

For Jack Daniels, TMMSB created an interactive night projection campaign powered by people’s holiday messages that were texted in through a short code using holiday themed keywords, or by visiting

The Lupe Fiasco campaign used large format projections, QR code, Facebook and Twitter to project in New York City’s Union Square and the famed Hollywood district of Los Angeles.

“TMMSB will continually innovate,” says Brad Foster, chief marketing officer, TMMSB. “We are a consistent source of creative concepts and tactical solutions for our clients, leveraging projections and interactivity in ways never seen before.”

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