#gs12 Mood Media To Demo Shazam

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We’ve had very few (press) invites to meet anyone at #gs12 in a few weeks time in Las Vegas but one that came through this week was from Mood Media Corporation who “offered us the opportunity to meet with Mark Elfenbein, North American president”.

One hot topic that Mark wants to discuss with us (and no doubt many others) is Mood Media’s new partnership with Shazam.

If imitation is (truly) the sincerest of flattery regular readers will want to head on over to our story from November 2011 ‘ComQi And Shazam: A Revolution in Digital Signage?‘.

Mood Media explain what we already know (we think) – when a consumer enters a store location and ‘Shazams’ a song, a custom result is delivered such as location-based coupons and advertising via their Smartphone (this creates an entirely new connection between music and marketing and produces a unique in-store experience that engages customers and drives sales).

Anyway, along with Shazam, Mood Media on booth #2613 wil be showcasing…

  • The Mbox 4 prototype (new product)
  • 360 LED displays
  • Visual media solutions, including samples from clients such as H&R Block and Quicksilver
  • Music + Messaging for retail
  • Online web tools for media management

One Response to “#gs12 Mood Media To Demo Shazam”

  1. R Tiste Says:

    As hard as they try to re-invent themselves, every attempt you publish about Shazam sounds pants (that translates as “not good” for our US readers). Shazam is a good product in its birth suit so please stick to that. And let’s hope that the Mood Media tie-up doesn’t see the “original” track altered in any way as artists hate their works being touched!

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