#dse2012 The Party Is Just Starting…

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The Preset Group industry #dsemixer sold out in what, less than 24 hours? That’s an event that we have been proud to sponsor (along with a couple of others) since its inception. It’s popularity just goes to show how good, and how useful networking, can be at industry events.

Later that same evening is the official #dse2012 VIP reception and we also have a network dinner date as well. Our evenings now are pretty much booked – we will try and note all the VIP and secret squirrel out of hour sessions that go on as much as we can.

We know that the two biggest (and nicest) network owners are holding exclusive supper events and a couple of display manufacturers also are pushing the boat out for press and probably more importantly industry influencers.

Remember that for those travelling to #dse2012 from outside North America we are hoping that our DSE 360 event on Tuesday morning will kick start the whole networking process for them. If you are an international visitor you will want to be there and on the flip side if you are a supplier or vendor and want to meet ‘international’ folks then this is also the place to be.

You can register for the Digital Signage 360 Global Perspective here

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