#dse2012 Hands-On Content Workshops

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

With still a week to go, we‘ve learned that #dse2012 is already setting a new record of over 900 registrants from 65 different countries around the world!

Among the many educational workshops, the half-day Hands-on Content Workshop is geared for everyone who finds that content development is an ongoing challenge.

This seminar program is dedicated to best practices in content development for content strategists, planners and designers in retail, restaurant, banking and corporate communications sectors.

The four individually facilitated workshops will guide each group of attendees through a real-world development challenge – providing instruction and helpful tips that they can readily apply in their own network operation.

These new half-day pre-show seminars are dedicated to best practices in content development for both consumer and employee-facing digital place-based networks.

The individually facilitated tracks are designed with the goal of addressing the unique challenges inherent in content development strategies, tactics, processes, resources and tools by learning how to navigate real-world scenarios designed to instruct on how to plan, strategize, develop and execute a content strategy within a range of venue settings.

A team of expert network operators, content strategists and creative directors will actively facilitate.

“Creating relevant and compelling content for a digital place-based network audience not only requires specialized talent, but it is also a continuous process that has its own unique challenges operators depending on the industry sector,” says Richard Lebovitz, educational director for Exponation, LLC, which produces DSE.

One of 12 pre-conference educational offerings at #dse2012, this special Hands On Content seminar program will run from 1:00pm to 5:00pm. on Tuesday, March 6, 2012. See here for more information and registration.

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