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Putting A Value on Interactive Out-of-Home

The next Screen Breakfast Briefing [1] is set for this Friday, March 23rd 2012 at The Hospital Club, Private Screening Room between 9am and 11:30am

In a special breakfast briefing, The Screen will be looking at the impact of interactive on media values. Is it simply a ‘give-away’ upside of using digital media, or is it in fact becoming the major value proposition? Is digital media simply an interface to the more significant direct marketing opportunities of the future? How will campaign value be attributed across different channels?

To assess these questions and to consider how DOOH, mobile and the web will all evolve together, The Screen has assembled a selection of industry experts from each side of the media market, to give their own unique take on the future for interactive media. Speakers include: –

Attendees will hear brief presentations and case studies from those above. Alongside the learning, there will be the usual networking opportunities and debate.