Unruly Behaviour Warnings Through Cash Machines

Chris Sheldrake

Those clever folks at atmAd continue to come up with innovative advertisers – here we see the Lincolnshire Police tackling Christmas drinking and disorderly behaviour through ATM cash machine advertising.

The campaign, which went live Monday, 15th December will run on high street ATMs in town centres during evening hours, i.e. perfectly timed to reach people as they withdraw cash to go out to get lathered!!!

The cash machine advertisements are part of a wider integrated campaign running across several mediums including billboards and beer mats in the UK’s South Lincolnshire area.

Richard Rowley, head of media sales at atmAd told us “The cash machine is the ideal way for Lincolnshire Police to provide its community with important advice and messaging during the festive season”

Jo Toomey, Local Authority Liaison Officer, Lincolnshire Police told us “It’s easy to get unruly when in a festive mood, so this campaign aims to highlight how your actions, especially when drinking, could make the cost of your night out add up to more than you bargained for at Christmas. We needed a cost-effective medium that could reach our target audience when they are out celebrating on the high street. Through atmAd we can deliver our message to the right people at the right time”

The campaign will also deliver additional reminders on over 11,000 take-away cash machine receipts.

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