Digital Cinema Advertising In Denmark

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Two companies that we have consultancy relationships with both have an old / expired and existing / growing business in Digital Cinema so this announcement from Scala got our attention earlier today.

Dansk Reklame Film (DRF), a Danish cinema advertising company has chosen Scala in order to deliver digital movie theater advertising to cinemas throughout Denmark (the deal was in fact done well over a year ago and the system has been running for almost 12 months now so go figure why a press release comes out now).

DRF basically produce advertising videos and stills in about 90% of all Danish cinema theatres.

Jimmy Hansen, CFO of Dansk Reklame Film told us why they chose Scala Certified Partner IntelliNet to find a solution to their challenges “We were looking for a partner that could be flexible, trustworthy and deliver a module based product with high quality”

IntelliNet suggested a completely digitised system for distribution of advertisements, based on a combination of Scala Content Manager and an IntelliNet in-house Microsoft.NET technology developed solution called ‘Campaign Distribution Engine’.

Jimmy Hansen seemed incredibly happy with his new solution “We have been through an enormous change. Our digital advertising system has helped us gain an important competitive position in the cinema advertising marketplace, and our workflow is much more efficient. The new flexible advertising offerings have been very well received by our customers”

Digital Cinema is big business at the moment and is going to be even bigger going forward – once the cinema is digitised so to speak, it’s not only cheaper to deliver films (and in this case advertising) the digital nature of the medium ACTUALLY helps guard against piracy and for all those new films coming out in 2009 in 3D it is the only way to show them.

Scala Case Study As PDF

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