3,080 Tweets For #dse2012 Hashtag

Andrew Neale

There were 3,080 tweets for the official hashtag of #dse2012 – that’s spam removed. Given that the DSE attendance was most likely higher this year (the event certainly felt and looked busier), we did not see much of an increase in twitter traffic compared to last year.

Last year’s official attendance figure was 3,614 and Tweets before, during and after #dse2011 were 2,650.

Our recording started in the middle of December.

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  1. Richard Lebovitz Says:

    The math doesn’t bear out your comment about the increase in twitter traffic. Twitter traffic increased 16%, while attendance, unofficially around 4,000 — a significant industry benchmark — increased between 10% and 11%.

    More important than the number of actual tweets and percentage increase, however, is what were people tweeting about. What did attendees see that was new and exciting, or what didn’t they see that they expected to see? What did they hear in the conference rooms and on the show floor that was interesting?

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