Another Indian Interactive Media Platform

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

It looks like nothing more than an iPad tied to the back of a taxi headrest but we are firmly told that it is not…

It is, WiseTouch proudly tell us “India’s first interactive media platform” – conveniently forgetting of course En Route Media’s in-vehicle digital signage management system called Flo and (no doubt) many others that we have yet to see – either from that country or imported from Asia (you only need to visit an industry show to see dozens of cheap Android powered tablets on display).

What WiseTouch has done is sign up some of the big radio taxi providers across Delhi-NCR and placed said interactive touch screen inside them (WiseTouch runs on Android 4.0 OS and the touch screens are connected wirelessly to the internet via 3G).

WiseTouch talk of “Location Based Advertising coming to life. With the touch screens powered with GPS, WiseTouch can display location based Ads, within the 1K.M radius specified by the Advertiser”, interactivity, facebook integration and the ability to showcase mobile apps BUT what they fail to comprehend is that people in the back of taxis (either singularly or in pairs) don’t want to sit staring at a screen on the back of a headrest and push buttons.

WiseTouch claim that it already has some of the major brands who already advertise in India on board; Pepsi Co, GroupM,, Corporate Inn, and HT Media.

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  1. Anonymous Advertising Professional (Digital Media Planner) Says:

    Hi Adrian,

    Thanks for these insights. However, I am not sure if you are well researched on your highlights here.

    I recently had a chance to see this platform and interact with Wisetouch’s executives at the Adtech in New Delhi. I also did a bit of research in the background about their claims etc, and here’s what I found and observed.

    1. Completely agree to your point that they are not the first ones to install tabs in radio taxis in India, and yet they are the pioneers in installing “interactive” Android devices in India. Flo on the other hand is (I quote from their website, ” Flo is India’s first ever in-cab companion. It is a technologically advanced touch screen LCD that rids cab boredom)”

    2. Again, the personal experience that I had of the tab was pretty good. I don’t think anyone is bothered about how much they cost (cheap or expensive), I’d rather work with a good Android device.

    3. When I first used their device, it reminded me of the screens installed behind each headrest in Kingfisher airlines. Even though the device wasn’t internet enabled, I seriously feel they helped alleviate the boredom of travel, my other option being looking out into the scenic blue skies.

    Not sure if people prefer to look into the scenic garbage on Delhi streets instead a 3G enabled Android 4.0 tab.

    I appreciate your journalistic spirit to bring us the best and the latest, and also the worst in our field, though I’d love to read more well researched material.

    All the best!

  2. Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief Says:

    Thx Anonymous Advertising Professional. I think we are pretty much globally versed in research. Your comments stem from an engineering bias – frankly I don’t care what spec it is, how well engineered it is or even how innovative it is (it isn’t innovative in the least).

    NO ONE wants to sit in the back of a taxi cab and press buttons on a screen!


  3. Pushpendra Thakur Says:

    Guys, Yesterday i was in a taxi which was installed with a tab from wise assist at airport.
    Trust me , it was an amazing experience. i could do all the stuff like fb, mail and news. generally my travelling is pretty boring when it comes to delhi traffic but this time it was really amazing. my time juts flew away.

    Thanks to these guys. They are doing a great job.
    I think instead of criticizing we must appreciate the efforts and the thought process.

    Good Job WiseAssist

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