Broadcast International Partners With TeleCable

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Broadcast International and TeleCable have announced Tuesday at IPTV World Forum 2012 that TeleCable, one of the largest cable and media network companies in Mexico, has selected CodecSys from Broadcast International as the core video management platform to launch its Over-the-Top video programming service.

TeleCable will launch a package of both live and file-based programs and services to be streamed over the Internet in support of various screens and mobile devices. Initially, the offering will include local channels and content.

CodecSys will stream multiple profiles for multi-device consumption enabling TeleCable to create dynamic bundles for consumers based on content and devices. The decisive factor in selecting CodecSys was the high level of video quality that the service produces at bandwidth rates that create a cost advantage.

Although specific terms were not announced, the agreement is modeled upon the needs of the business. Building an OTT offering requires flexible configuration and dynamic deployment, and CodecSys, a software-based platform that delivers cinema quality content, meets that requirement.

“We are committed to delivering the highest value content to our customers,” says Luis Vielma Ordoñez, COO of TeleCable. “We reviewed several alternatives and found that CodecSys was unique in both the design of its product architecture as a software platform and its performance ability. It truly does deliver the highest quality video we’ve experienced at these bitrates.

“CodecSys is flexible and open, which will allow us to future-proof our encoding and transcoding services. It will change with us as our needs change. We are confident that this is just the first step of a long-lasting relationship with Broadcast International.”

“TeleCable is on the cutting edge of the OTT programming revolution, and very advanced in its technological leadership,” says Rod Tiede, CEO, Broadcast International. “This new offering will be the standard-bearer for the rest of the market and we’re honored to be a part of it. The time is upon us where a flexible, software-based platform becomes the distinguishing factor in vendor selection. We will couple this advantage with world-class service and support.”

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