Paws Up For signagelive With Vets Live TV

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

This year especially we have seen lots (and we mean LOTS) of networks switching software providers (we’ll have more on that, i.e. what we see as a positive ‘trend’ at the moment, up in April) and the latest news to come our way is that 21 Digital Signage‘s network Vets Live TV is moving back to signagelive ater a brief foray (approximately 100 licenses we believe) with CSNM’s fledgling product Hydravision.

CSNM made much of this ‘win’ back in July 2011, we quote their web site “UK based 21 Digital Signage has expanded its digital media offering by replacing its existing digital signage software with HydraVisionAiO” and @HydraVisionAiO twitter “21 Digital Signage expands it’s #dooh network to 300+ sites and replaces a SaaS solution with HydraVision”.

So, any euphoria felt, was short and nine months later 21 Digital Signage have seen the light and returned to the signagelive family where they initially started off!

The grass is not always greener!

Vets Live is the UK’s leading veterinary TV network, with over 600 practices broadcasting the channel and 21 Digital Signage tell us that over 1000 vets in the UK have seen the advantages of using digital signage to increase product and service sales inside their practices.

21 Digital Signage currently holds 200 signagelive licences, but the network is set to double in the next year – the networks’ clients include The Royal Veterinary College and many independently owned small-animal practices. There’s also a full roll out planned over the next 12 months with the Medivet Veterinary group as well as a more recent 30-site installation with the XL Vets members.

Nick Trachillis, 21DS finance director told us “We are very grateful to have found a partner company in signagelive for Vets Live. Every single licence that is renewed from our current clients, is being changed to signagelive. For us it is essential to provide the best service and support for our clients. To build a name in the market we need a good level of service, with signagelive we can provide this and more, thanks to the software’s flexibility and the fact that everything can be managed remotely. signagelive’s excellent technical support is also key for us and our clients.”

21 Digital Signage has recently inked a deal with CVS UK Ltd, one of the largest Veterinary buying group companies in the UK with 226 surgeries, six diagnostic labs and one crematoria. Over the next 12 to 18 months, Vets Live will likely be adding between 250 and 300 extra sites.

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  1. John Moezzi Says:

    Sounds ugly to manage 100’s of players from two platforms. Converting players in the field from one platform to another is also ugly and usually pretty expensive. I’m just wondering what 21DS was thinking (or promised) when they began rolling out another platform mid stream. Planning is crucial to execution. I hope for their sake they made the right ‘original’ decision. Of course, hindsight is 20-20 and it is very hard to tell how platforms will perform at scale until you have some scale. Best wishes to 21DS and their network.

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