Pop-Up Stores Are Really ‘Clicking’

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We mentioned ‘pop-up stores’ and ‘street furniture’ a lot in our presentation at the UK POPAI event a few weeks back, see ‘Review Of DMiR In 2008 (And Predictions For 2009)‘ and nicely, since then we have seen a whole raft of articles in the press about the ‘pop-up store’ phenomenon.

Whilst all the gloom and doom that we feel the mainstream press are continuing to focus on (it’s a bit too late to talk about ‘talking us into a recession’) there are good stories out there which just need to be highlighted.

The ‘troubles’ can be seen as an opportunity for change – and change is exactly what Retail has needed for some time…

“The ‘sameness’ in retail that we have seen for years will go. Turbulent times inspire innovation and re-imagination”

So said DAVID WILKINSON who runs retail consultancy Wilko writing in the Dec 08 / Jan 09 edition of Monocle.

In fact, it’s Monocle (our most fave, best magazine ever) that has been walking the talk with its own pop up store in Marleybone, London…

Tyler Brûlé, the editor-in-chief of Monocle magazine, opened a pop-up shop just off Marylebone High Street in Central London, with the intention of keeping it open from November to March. …. He is scouting for sites for pop-up shops in Tokyo and Los Angeles.

And there have been and are many other examples, all of which of course play right into the hands of the Motomedia’s and Windowgain’s of our universe.

The article ‘First in line: Pop-up shops‘ in the Times last week is well worth a read here for anyone playing in the retail digital signage space.

The other trend that both ourselves and DAVID WILKINSON have been talking of is street furniture used in retail…

“We’ll see the spread of the temporary, streetside format as brands are forced to corner their customers in new ways”

And folks like Adflow Networks in Canada and Remote Media in the UK have probably been the best proponents of this trend with their work with Koodo sales units and Sky permanent concessions (respectively) in Malls.

For those involved in retail digital signage, innovation is very much the name of the game!!!

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