More On The PRN Lay Off Story (But Not Much)

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

‘PRN Lay Off Staff’ we wrote on Saturday morning and despite out best efforts today (Monday) we haven’t got any more meat to that story (well not just yet anyway we hasten to add).

It appears that there was an all-employee meeting last week on the Thursday AND that is where some of the redundancy announcements might have been made.

We heard that one producer that had worked at PRN for 13 years was let go and we also heard that Dave Seedall, formerly Senior Vice President Operations at Premier Retail Networks was let go sometime in March – his LinkedIn profile lists him with the company between January 2009 – March 2012 (3 years 3 months).

Dave was very smart and well liked. One rumour that we heard was that new PRN CEO Ahmad Ouri brought in a consultant to look over the engineering and technology side which Dave headed up.

This particular letting go / downsizing might be part of Ahmad’s stated ambition, we quote from our own post ‘The Views of PRN’s Ahmad Ouri“Under Ouri’s leadership, PRN is changing, with more focus on being a service network operation and less of a technical house” and Ouri himself said “We are a media company. That’s where the value is.”

All might become clear this week but it depends on who has been let go – engineering people? Production staff or a general mix?

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