Strong Q4 Campaign Activity for Avanti Screenmedia

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

No sooner had I said that other networks had reported a slow Q4 period for on-screen advertising campaigns do I receive an update from Avanti Screenmedia on how well they have been doing leading up to Christmas.

Some of the highlights…


Several big blue chip campaigns running across their Mall network. Their Malls see footfall of in excess of 7.5m per week but in the run up to Christmas that number swells approx 24% – great for brands and advertisers alike of course!

Estee Lauder spent with them in November and December and Warner Bros have supported 2 film releases with Mall Screens – most recently with the upcoming Will Smith blockbuster ‘I am Legend’.

Nikon also gave a lot of repeat business thanks to a good piece of early market research.

Research within malls has been strong this year I am told and they were helped immensely with a good piece of research conducted by Posterscope and Renault (wouldn’t it be nice if this was made public?)

Bottom line Mall screens performed well above expectation and Avanti are currently talking to a number of major car manufacturers about new campaigns in 2008.


As previously reported now 600 strong with the addition of 54 Revolution Vodka bars (making it by far the largest UK leisure network).

Contrary to what I believe about Bluetooth, Avanti have reported good results using Bluetooth in campaigns (I would have to see the research to believe that) and tehy are expecting their network of 300 Bluetooth enabled bars to perform strongly in 2008.


One of the jewels in the Avanti network stable. Business as usual. I can’t see Avanti having any problems selling advertising on this size of network. Large numbers of brands have been using it. Again there are reports of some very favourable research for a fast food chain having advertised on the network.

My plea again – make this research public!!!

Other Networks

No news on when MOMEDIA (the bus network) will see good revenues and no updates also on local advertising initiatives on the Malls or on the EHM network. I suspect it is too early on any of those networks to have any sort of definable success.

Having said that the MOMEDIA bus rollout is moving along nicely I believe so itt is about time that sales started to come in.

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