Smartsign 7.4 Increases Support 4 @IAdea SMIL Players

Andrew Neale

Swedish based Smartsign, who develop and sell the software Smartsign Manager and who claim more than 1000 B2B customers in 16 countries, is seemingly the latest vendor to extend functionality to connect IAdea SMIL players to its software.

According to Smartsign’s CEO Johan Peters “Many large companies use Smartsign and IAdea SMIL players to show key performance indicators and inform employees.”

He added “Thus, these companies have streamlined the flow of information and increased productivity. With the new version of IAdea SMIL players with HTML5-support KPIs be shown in real time.”

A new user interface Smartsign Quick Publish simplifies control for untrained end users, and you can even mix your own news with external RSS feeds.

Smartsign Manager 7.4 allows you to remotely configure IAdea SMIL players and all settings that can be done with a keyboard can be done through Smartsign Manager.

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