Exploding A Myth

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Doug Pulick, senior vice-president, strategic insight and analytics, NCM Media Networks, is a speaker we haven’t personally heard before, so we’re looking forward to his talk at MediaPost’s Digital Out-of-Home Forum April 11 at New York’s Sentry Centers.

Pulick, who will speak at 11:30 a.m., will demonstrate how the physical environment of the cinema and the receptive mindset of the movie goer creates very fertile ground for communicating messages that make lasting impressions.

“I intend to demonstrate through the science of NCM Media Networks and Innerscope Research Inc.’s new biometric research study – ‘Measuring the Magic of the Movies: The Emotional Impact of Moviegoing on In-Cinema Advertising’ – how we were able to quantify for the first time that the movie theater’s silver screen may be the most unique, and effective, screen for conveying an advertiser’s message to an audience that is primed to be entertained,” says Pulick.

“I also plan to explode the myth, common among many ad agencies, that in order to play within the Cinema advertising arena, one must have an ad that is ‘Cinematic’ (whatever that means) and unique from the creative currently running on conventional TV.”

Pulick intends to show how our memories, and the emotions tied to those memories, provide advertisers with an audience that is not just captive but ready to take an emotional journey wherever their imaginations permit them.

The presentation is one in a series of four interstitial presentations showcasing a breakthrough digital out-of-home platform/experience that are taking place during the Forum.

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