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Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

It was back in October 2009 that we first met with and wrote ‘Bus-Tops By Alfie Dennen And Paula Le Dieu‘ and now it seems their project is almost complete and has been picked up by the UK’s WIRED Magazine no less.

Photo copyright Alfie Dennen / Bus-Tops

The collaborative public art project called Bus-Tops, part of the Cultural Olympiad has now installed 30 LED screens across London on top of bus shelters and yes that does mean that they are ONLY visible from the upper deck of buses.

Each Bus Shelter is connected via 3G and has a 10fps 256 x 80 display which can display in monochrome red and black.

Art contributions from the public are welcome we believe and the project also has nine established international artists who are each given a month to submit their own work.

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