Nielsen AdView To Include Cinema and DOOH

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

In an effort to give advertising agencies a basic starting point comparable to the way that they buy other media, Nielsen will be including cinema and digital out-of-home in its AdView by the end of this year.

Paul Lindstrom, senior vice-president, Nielsen On Location Media announced the additions to AdView yesterday during the MediaPost DOOH Forum in New York.

“We’re working with all cinema players and a limited number of DOOH players at the moment towards this,” Linstrom told us in a private interview later. Zoom Media & Marketing, Captivate Network and AdSpace Networks are among these.

“We’re still in the committee stage to determine the exact level of what will be included,” says Linstrom. “This is a significant step because it will give the sector a share of voice with the agencies that has been invisible until now with AdView; and the banks of agencies are set up to take AdView information, although there may have to be some changes made. This will be a way to help the industry get into the agencies, Then maybe we’ll incorporate Fourth Screen data at a later date.”

Neilsen will first incorporate competitive data and then audience data.

“We’ll include everything from dollar figures on ad spend right down to creative and duration levels,” says Nordstrom. “We’ll include any DOOH players that want to be included. There’s no cost to them to put the data in.”

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